Reasons to Give Up Owning a Car

Reasons to Give Up Owning a Car – There once was a time when I really loved owning and driving a car. I got my first car before I even turned 16. I held jobs that required me to drive hundreds of miles each week. I commuted across town to work when I lived in a city that was totally sprawled out. I loved several of my cars.

Then I moved to San Francisco. Once I arrived, I found that it’s more of a hassle to own and park a car than it is to get around without one. I gave up my car three and a half years ago and have been car-free ever since.

There are a lot of things that I miss about having a car. Cars represent freedom. Cars are fun to drive. Cars keep you out of the elements when the weather is nasty and you’ve got somewhere to go. But for the most part, I’m really glad that I gave up owning my own car.

Reasons to Give Up Owning a Car

You immediately begin to get in better shape.

People who don’t use cars have to find other ways of getting around. Walking and biking are the most common solutions. People who use public transportation and cabs tend to walk more than their driving counterparts. This activity makes it really easy to get in better shape just by going about your daily business. That’s one of my favorite things about not owning a car!

You spend a whole lot less money.

Even though I pay for buses and cabs on a fairly regular basis, I spend a lot less money on transportation without owning a car. Cars cost a fortune in terms of the car itself, insurance, gas, maintenance, and various fees. I don’t ever have to spend that money which means that I’ve got extra money to spend on the other things in life that are of more value and importance to me than owning a car.

You contribute to a greener environment.

Yes, there are a lot of green cars out there. I write regularly about electric daihatsujakbar cars and cars that get the best gas mileage. I do think that if you’re going to drive then you should drive a green car. But it’s a whole heck of a lot greener if you just don’t drive at all. If you’re at all concerned about the environment then giving up your car is a great step to make towards a solution to that problem.

You get closer to your community.

People who don’t drive tend to stick around their own neighborhoods a lot more. They go to local stores more frequently (because they can’t go just once and load up the trunk with a month’s worth of stuff!). They are out and about with others who are walking. These things provide opportunities to get to know your neighbors and foster a stronger sense of community in your area than you may have when you’re a driver.

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